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Drug Charge and Consent To Search in Las Vegas, Nevada

Consent to Search

If the police try to search your house, car, backpack, pockets...

Consent to Search - Drug Charge in Las Vegas, NV Every case is very unique and you should contact a criminal defense attorney before making a decision. And still...

Many of my clients come to me after they have been charged with a drug crime and have made some very uneducated responses to the police.

Las Vegas police are trained to gather evidence to help the District Attorney secure a conviction against you.

If you are pulled over in Las Vegas DO NOT consent to a search.

If the police try to search your house, car, backpack, pockets, etc… tell them you do not consent to any search.

This may not stop them from forcing their way in and searching anyway, but if they search you illegally, they probably won't be able to use the evidence against you in court.

Be careful about casual consent mistakes.

The police may ask you “Can you please step out of the vehicle?” remember this is merely a request and not a police order therefore you are under no obligation to leave your vehicle.

If you do get out of the vehicle close the door behind and look the doors, if you don't close the door, the police will claim that they thought you were indicating consent to search the car by leaving the door open or they may claim that because the door was left open they were able to smell or see drugs.

The police may ask you, “Do you mind if a take a look in your vehicle?” This is also a request for which the proper response is “Yes, I mind, do not search my vehicle without a warrant.” Do not say, "I'd rather you didn't search," if you do the police will claim that you were reluctantly giving them permission to search.

Remember, you have nothing to lose from refusing to consent to a search, and lots to gain if the search is incorrect or invalid.

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Overall, Here Are Your Three Golden Rules:

Never trust a cop

Never consent

Always ask for an attorney

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