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Police at Your Door in Las Vegas

Can the Police Search your Home?

Drug Charges & Police at your door - Las Vegas, NevadaIf law enforcement officers knock on your door, instead of opening the door, ask behind the door if they have a warrant to your home search.

If the answer is no, do not let them into your home and do not answer any questions or say anything other than “I do not want to talk to you.”

If the officers say that they do have a warrant to your home search, ask the officers to slip it under the door or show it to you through a peephole, a window in your door.

IMPORTANT NOTE: And remember that an immigration “warrant of removal/deportation” does not give the police the authority to enter your home but you should not interfere if the officers decide to do the search.

This is true in Las Vegas and in any other place in a country.

Call your criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Ask if you are allowed to watch the search; if you are allowed to, you should.

Take notes, including names, badge numbers, which agency each police officer is from, where they searched and what they took.

If others are present, have them act as witnesses to watch carefully what is happening.

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