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Drug Charge & Hiring Criminal Defense Attorney in Las Vegas

Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

What Questions to Ask?

Hiring a drug charge lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada.Are you or a loved one being investigated for or charged with committing a drug crime in Las Vegas? Need to consult with a criminal defense attorney and don't know which lawyer to hire?

Consider the following in selecting the right criminal defense attorney:

Experience. It is extremely important that the attorney you decide to hire has the following experience to handle your case:

  1. A thorough knowledge of criminal law (you can tell by how well they answer your questions);
  2. In practice long enough to have established relationships with judges and prosecutors in the court in which your case will be filed;
  3. Specific experience in handling your kind of case;
  4. Extensive experience in DEFENDING individuals. Many lawyers like to promote themselves as former prosecutors now defending you but have very little actual experience on the side of the defense.

Communication. Pay attention to how the attorney is communicating with you. Are you being talked at or are they having a conversation with you? Are they involving you in the discussion? Do you feel like they are listening to you? Are they sufficiently answering your questions?

Your concerns and expectations. The right lawyer should understand that no matter what the situation this is the most important thing happening in your life and it should be handled with a sense of compassion and empathy. To that end, a good lawyer will make a point to ask you about your concerns and expectations because they matter.

Are they being honest about your reality. While your expectations matter, they may sometimes be unrealistic given your set of circumstances or the facts of your case.

You are not expected to understand what the possible outcomes are for your case. However, an honest lawyer should tell you what you can realistically expect to happen prior to taking your money.

Speak with the actual lawyer. Many times a law firm will have you consult with a case manager who will ultimately have nothing to do with your case. Or you may meet with the head of the firm who will ultimately assign your case to an associate attorney and you will never hear from that person again.

You should not settle for less than speaking with the actual attorney who will be handling your case from start to finish.

Do not believe it when they tell you they work on all cases together. It just doesn’t happen.

There are no guarantees.. Any lawyer willing to guarantee you a specific result is selling you something you do not want.

The only guarantee a lawyer can make is that they will work extremely hard in your defense.

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