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Negotiating a Plea - Facing Drug Charges in Las Vegas, Nevada

Plea Deals in Las Vegas

When to Negotiate Drug Charges

Negotiating A Plea - Drug Charges, Las Vegas, Nevada.I do not want to convey the impression that negotiating a plea is the only option in a drug cases because it certainly is not.

Drug cases can be won with not guilty verdicts, lesser offenses or hung juries.

The statistics however, reflect that most cases of any type in the criminal area resolve with plea deals.

That is why it is important to begin investigating and understanding the facts of the case as early as possible.

If the case against the defendant is strong and we think there is a good chance of conviction at trial, negotiating drug charges because a very real possibility.

Negotiating drug cases requires a clear and comprehensive understanding of the Nevada drug statutes and case law. It also requires expertise in the area of constitutional law including but not limited to illegal searches and entrapment defenses.

Negotiating a Plea vs. Going to Trial

Experience has shown me that clients who go to trial in Las Vegas and lose receive harsher sentences then if they take a plea deal.

This is one of the most frustrating things of the Nevada criminal justice system.

My job as a criminal defense lawyer is not to scare a defendant into taking a deal but to educate them as to what the best deal is.

If you are facing the dilemma of whether or not to take a plea deal you can contact me for a phone consultation and I will discuss your options free of charge.

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