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Bail & Bond in Drug Cases

Bail & Bond in Las Vegas, Nevada - Know Your Rights

Bail & Bond in Las Vegas, NV. Criminal Defense.When a defendant is charged with a crime, bail is set to provide assurance that the defendant will show up for the trial.

Bail can be provided in cash, property, or a bail bond.

The bail can be paid by anyone and a bail bond attorney in Las Vegas offers guidance through the process and works to reduce the bail required.

There is a legal right to bail in Nevada.

At the initial hearing, the judge can either set the bail amount or release you on your personal promise that you will appear at your trial.

A good criminal defense attorney will request that you be set free without bail.

When bail is set, a bail & bond lawyer in Nevada can help arrange bail.

Negotiating drug cases requires a clear and comprehensive understanding of the Nevada drug statutes and case law. It also requires expertise in the area of constitutional law including but not limited to illegal searches and entrapment defenses.

The criminal defense attorney works to obtain bond that the defendant or the family can afford. When an accused individual is released on bond preparing the defense is easier, judges, juries and prosecutors tend to view the accused in higher esteem, and the defendant is able to await the outcome of the case at home with his or her family.

O.R. Release vs. Bail & Bond

The judge does not have to set a bail amount. In some instances, the judge in Las Vegas can release a criminal defendant solely on the defendant’s promise to return. When the judge does this it is called an O.R. release.

O.R. stands for Own Recognizance release.

There is no bail & bond amount needed for an O.R. release in Las Vegas.

An good bail & bond attorney can argue for an O.R. release before a judge. O.R. releases are usually only provided to criminal defendants with clean backgrounds and minor charges in a past.

Terms & Conditions of Bail

The judge sets the terms and conditions of bail, which can include a cash only restriction, posting 15% of cash bail, require you to sign a waiver of extradition, surrender your passport or impose a requirement that bail will be subjected to a Source of Funds inquiry.

This inquiry is generally required when the defendant does not have a legal source of income and the funds are believed to be derived from illegal funds. This is called a Nebbia Hold.

Nebbia Holds

The Nebbia Hold requires that the person posting bond prove that the funds being used were obtained legitimately and not through illegal activity.

The defendant must prove that the funds came from a legal source in the Nebbia hearing. Such proof may include testimony, bank records, tax returns or other accounting records that show that legitimately earned money is the source of the funds.

We can provide a bail & bond attorney in Las Vegas, NV to consult with clients prior to bond hearings to conduct a background interview to prepare relevant statutory bond setting factors for our clients and emphasize factors that will weigh in the favor of the client’s release. These factors may include age, employment status, length of residency, roots in the community, lack of prior criminal record, and other factors.

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