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Petition To Seal Criminal Records in Las Vegas, Nevada - Criminal Defense Law

Petition To Seal Criminal Record

Petition To Seal Criminal Record - Clark County, Nevada

How to File a Petition To Seal Criminal Records in Las Vegas, Nevada. Criminal Defense Info.

A petition to seal criminal records, also known as record sealing in Nevada, is a great way to improve employment prospects and turn a new leaf in life, generally.

In Nevada there are some basics to record sealing and petition to seal criminal records that everyone should know.

Petition to seal criminal records almost always have time spans that must run before a criminal record is eligible to be sealed.

If successful, a petition to seal criminal records will only hide a criminal charge from private employers and only for work that does not involve handling money.

The government can still see your record and employers can still search for your record for positions involving money.

Heshmati & Associates: Record Sealing Attorneys

We helped many people to file a petition to seal criminal records in Clark County, Nevada.

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Written by Parish Heshmati, ESQ

Petition Filing Resources

Sealing Misdemeanor Criminal Records - City of Henderson. This booklet contains a procedural information that relates to the process of sealing records of cases filed and/or procured in the Henderson Municipal Court.

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