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Cocaine Possession

Cocaine Possession and Las Vegas Nightclubs. Drug Charges in Las Vegas, Nevada.Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination spot where people from throughout the country come down to relax, unwind and have a good time.

Getting arrested and taken to jail while on vacation is never part of the vacation itinerary. Unfortunately, such has become a common theme with many of our clients.

You do not have to be a resident of Nevada to be arrested and charged with a criminal offense here.

At Heshmati & Associates we have represented many clients who were arrested in Las Vegas while on vacation.

Often times, we are able to resolve their case without the client ever having to incur the enormous expense of coming back to Las Vegas to attend court.

Possession of Cocaine Charge in Las Vegas, Nevada

A recent client called me from California for a possession of cocaine charge.

He had picked up the drug possession charge at a popular nightclub on the Strip.

Las Vegas METRO eventually arrested him when a restroom employee overheard suspicious sounds coming from the stall he and a friend were in.

Even though this was all new to him, the cocaine possession charge and where it happened is actually very common in Las Vegas.

Most tourists don’t realize that Las Vegas nightclubs and even strip clubs have strict anti-drug policies that are tied to their liquor licenses.

But my client didn’t know about any of this or care.

All he knew was that he had a serious problem on his hands.

Cocaine Possession is a Felony

In Las Vegas, cocaine possession is a felony charge that carries with it prison time and high fines. But for my client, the worst part of the charge was the stigma of being branded a felon.

My client has recently graduated with a computer science degree from a prestigious Northern California University and was on the job hunt for a tech savvy job around the Palo Alto and Bay Area.

But he would be dead in the water for any job in his field if a background check found that he pled guilty to a Felony.

After analyzing the problem he realized he couldn’t plead guilty to a Felony and he couldn’t risk going to trial and losing when prison time was the penalty. He needed a way out.

Legal Defenses for Cocaine Possession

When I got the call, the urgency in my client’s voice was clear.

With my client’s career prospects on the line, he needed a solution that wouldn’t sacrifice his record or put him at risk of prison time.

My staff and I scrutinized every piece of evidence, which in this case, were mostly witness statements and arrest records.

In that evidence we found my client’s way out.

The police had made some crucial assumptions about the evidence that were not supported by the evidence.

Also, the witness that initially reported the incident to his superior made some factual mistakes on his witness statement.

Those mistakes could call into question the rest of his testimony.

You Can Negotiate Felony Drug Possession Charge

With these flaws in the evidence, I convinced the Deputy DA that the drug case was not nearly as strong as it initially appeared.

In the end, the Deputy DA agreed to a Stay Adjudication where my client would complete some court ordered requirements.

After those requirements were completed the case would be Dismissed.

Not only would the charge be dropped but my client could begin the record sealing process for his record immediately after the official dismissal. Suffice it to say, my client was ecstatic.

Heshmati & Associates: Las Vegas Drug Defense Attorneys

Felony drug possession cases can become serious ordeals, or in the hands of a good drug defense attorney, just a minor setback.

If you are charged with a criminal offense while visiting Las Vegas, it is important that you hire the best criminal attorney to fight for your rights and vigorously defend you while you move on with your life at home.

Although every drug possession case is unique, my firm routinely negotiates for the right outcome on drug possession cases.

If you fear that your drug possession case could hold you back from your life goals, call our office today and learn how we can help.

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