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Prescription Drugs Charge

Illegally Obtained Prescription Drugs in Las Vegas

Prescription drug charges are on the rise in Las Vegas.

Prescription Drug Charge - Las Vegas, Nevada Although, every prescription drug charge case is unique, a strong criminal defense against prescription drug charges can help keep you out of court and out of jail.

Our criminal defense attorneys know how to fight criminal charges caused by illegal distribution of prescription drugs or Illegal possession of prescription drugs.

Free Case Review Below is some general information about prescription drug charges and prescription drug laws in Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada.

Commonly Charged Prescription Drugs in Las Vegas

Illegally obtained prescription drugs are classified as controlled substances for criminal defense purposes.

Possessing, distributing, selling or trafficking prescription drugs without lawful authority is a crime in Las Vegas.

If you are charged with a prescription drug crime in Las Vegas, you are at risk of serious criminal consequences.

The most common prescription drug charges in Nevada are related to:

Prescription Drug Laws in Nevada

Under Nevada Law, a prescription drug is defined as a drug prescribed directly from a doctor or other licensed healthcare professionals.

The prescription drug laws specify prescription drugs as medications that are taken by a patient at home, not while being treated as an inpatient in a hospital or medical facility.

A charge of prescription drug fraud involves unlawfully obtaining a prescription drug, either by fraud or misrepresentation.

This criminal defense charge can include altering or forging a prescription slip or receiving prescription drugs from multiple doctors.

Penalties for Prescription Drug Charges in Las Vegas

In the eyes of the law selling prescription drugs is no different as selling street drugs.

Common penalties for prescription drug charges in Las Vegas include:

  1. Felony on your record
  2. Deportation and immigration consequences
  3. Heavy fines
  4. Intensive drug counseling classes
  5. Potential prison time
  6. And more

An experienced prescription drug charge attorney knows how to minimize the consequences for your criminal defense.

Even though every case is unique, in many instances good criminal defense lawyers can help you avoid the most serious penalties for prescription drug charges in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Heshmati & Associates: Prescription Drugs Attorneys

Choosing an experienced criminal defense attorney is essential if you want an effective criminal defense to challenge your drug charges and help you avoid a drug conviction and the associated criminal penalties.

From the time bail is set and throughout the pre-trial and potential trial phase our criminal defense attorneys provide real world advice and experience to your criminal defense.

If you are facing the prescription drug charge in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, or Henderson contact our office right away to schedule a free consultation. We offer Flexible Payment Plans!

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Written by Parish Heshmati, ESQ

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