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Drug Cultivation Charge in Las Vegas - Criminal Defense Law

Drug Cultivation and Nevada State Law

Criminal Defense for Marijuana Drug Cultivation in Las Vegas

Drug Cultivation in Las Vegas, Nevada. Marijuana use and marijuana drug cultivation is already legal for medical use in many states, and dozens of cities including Las Vegas, Nevada.

This trend toward legalizing marijuana is likely to continue and eventually give way to full marijuana legalization in Las Vegas.

In the meantime, our criminal defense attorneys aggressively represent the best interests of our marijuana drug cultivation clients in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas of Nevada.

If you are being investigated or faced with the archaic criminal charge of drug cultivation in Las Vegas, Nevada you need a criminal defense attorney with experience and knowledge of marijuana drug cultivation charges.

Criminal Defense & Illegal Drug Cultivation

Free Case Review The criminal defense attorneys and staff at our office are strong supporters of the legalize marijuana movement.

Our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys understand that marijuana drug cultivation is necessary to continue supplying a much needed medicine to thousands of locals in the Las Vegas community.

Unfortunately, the criminal charge of marijuana drug cultivation still carries serious criminal penalties.

This includes the charge of marijuana drug cultivation resulting from planting, growing, harvesting or processing marijuana for medical use.

If you are convicted of the criminal defense charge of marijuana drug cultivation in Las Vegas, you may be at risk of a prison sentence, particularly when you are also convicted of the criminal charge of intent to distribute.

In fact, being charged with marijuana drug cultivation in Las Vegas is more serious than most drug possession charges.

In addition to fines and time in jail, you are at risk of having your property seized in a forfeiture.

Consequences to Property for Marijuana Drug Cultivation

A civil forfeiture in a criminal defense case such as in marijuana drug cultivation case enables the City of Las Vegas and State of Nevada to take money, property or anything that may have been used in your marijuana drug cultivation

An experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney understands that civil forfeitures do not have to be one sided.

In many criminal defense and forfeiture cases, you can recover some of your property, including in a marijuana drug cultivation case.

Heshmati & Associates: Las Vegas Drug Cultivation Attorney

Involving an attorney is one of the most important actions you can take in the face of allegations or charges of drug cultivation.

With the level of experience, legal knowledge and commitment that Heshmati & Associates, Las Vegas drug cultivation attorneys bring to the table, you can count on receiving the level of representation and service you deserve.

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Written by Parviz Heshmati, ESQ.

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