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Drug Paraphernalia Charges in Las Vegas, Nevada - Criminal Defense

Drug Paraphernalia Charges

Drug Paraphernalia Criminal Cases in Las Vegas

Drug Paraphernalia Charge. Las Vegas, Nevada. Criminal Defense Law. Possession of drug paraphernalia is a crime in Nevada.

Drug paraphernalia can include anything used to manufacture, package or consume any illegal drug. This includes materials or products used to plant, cultivate, grow, harvest, manufacture, prepare, package, store, conceal or ingest a drug.

Some examples of drug paraphernalia can include:

Free Case Review While it is not illegal to possess things like scales, plastic bags or pipes, using them for illegal drugs is a crime. But, the burden of proof lies with the prosecution, who must show that the materials were in your possession for the purpose of committing a drug crime.

Drug Paraphernalia Penalties in Las Vegas

The unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia in Las Vegas is a misdemeanor offense with a maximum penalty of 6 months in jail.

However, a good criminal defense attorney knows how to negotiate your case so that any penalties for a drug paraphernalia charge are minimal.

Important note: And in many cases our criminal defense attorneys can get a first offense drug paraphernalia charge dismissed without the client ever having to go to court.

How to Get a Drug Paraphernalia Charge Dropped

Many people want to know how to get out of a drug paraphernalia charge or how to get a drug paraphernalia charge dropped.

The rules for unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia in Las Vegas are surprising vague and open ended. Often the unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia has more to do with the context of the arrest than with the object itself.

A good criminal defense attorney knows how to use the facts of a given situation to provide you with a strong criminal defense for your drug paraphernalia charge. Often, this results in a very favorable outcome for the client.

Can a Drug Paraphernalia Charge be Sealed in Nevada?

Yes! A drug paraphernalia charge is considered a misdemeanor in Nevada.

Misdemeanor charges like drug paraphernalia can be sealed two years from the time the case closes.

A drug paraphernalia case will close when all the requirements associated with the charge are completed the judge officially closes the case.

Drug paraphernalia charges can often be dismissed through a negotiation. If your drug paraphernalia charge was dismissed - it can be sealed immediately.

When faced with a charge of possession of drug paraphernalia, you need an experienced drug paraphernalia lawyer in Nevada with knowledge of Nevada drug crime law.

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Written by Parviz Heshmati, ESQ

Resources for Illegal Drug Paraphernalia:

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Cannabis Culture. Cannabis culture is an online magazine devoted to sharing information and current affairs that impact the millions of cannabis users in the Untied States.

The United Nations Office on Drug and Crime. The United Nations Office on Drug and Crime or UNODC collects analyzes and reports data on patterns and trends in drug use through the Annual Reports Questionnaires (ARQ ….link) submitted by Member Nation States.

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