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Drug Sale & Drug Dealing Charges in Las Vegas, Nevada

Drug Sale & Drug Possession With Intent to Sell

Illegal Drug Sale Charges in Las Vegas, Nevada

Illegal Drug Sale in Las Vegas, Nevada. Drug possession with Intent to Sell.Drug defense attorneys at Heshmati @ Associates in Las Vegas, Nevada defend criminal drug charges from possession of drugs to drug selling and dealing.

In Nevada an illegal drug sale can result in misdemeanor or felony charges, depending on the specifics of the criminal case.

The type of drug, amount of drugs, whether the drugs are for personal use or sale and whether the defendant was involved in other crimes along with the drug charge, and the past criminal history of the person can all influence the severity of the charge.

Hiring a Las Vegas drug attorney as soon as possible is essential for the best outcome of your illegal drugs distribution criminal case. The more time your drug defense attorney has to review the facts of the case the better he can prepare a solid defense.

Strategies for Criminal Defense in Drug Cases

Free Case Review Drug charges often involve complex federal investigations and may include multiple defendants, informants, wire taps and search warrants even when the case is in state court.

Our drug defense attorneys defend your constitutional rights and work to determine that law enforcement legally obtained all evidence.

If they didn't, we fight to suppress the evidence and get the case dismissed.

We fully understand the law surrounding these procedures and use this knowledge to your advantage.

Our first step is to get the client out of custody and leverage negotiations with prosecutors.

We file motions to reduce bail, have clients released on their own recognizance, or have clients placed on house arrest or intensive supervision.

If you have been charged with dealing drugs in Las Vegas, browse our articles for vital information. When you are ready, contact our local office to discuss your case with our drug defense attorneys.

Heshmati & Associates: Las Vegas Drug Charges Attorneys

We handled hundreds of illegal drug sale and drug possession with intent to sell cases in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our prices are affordable. We offer payment plans.

Heshmati & Associates office is located in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada

We represent clients in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and throughout Nevada.

Our number: 702-432-1000.

Written by Parviz Heshmati, ESQ

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