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Knock and Announce Rule and Drug Charges in Las Vegas, Nevada

Knock and Announce Rule

Drug Charges & Knock and Announce Rule in Las Vegas

Knock and Announce Rule. Drug Charges in Las Vegas, Nevada. The knock and announce rule is often misunderstood but can have very important consequences for drug possession cases in Las Vegas.

When the police search a person’s home they need a valid warrant signed by a judge first.

What the knock and announce rule adds is that the police must first announce their presence before entering the home.

But, the most important part of the knock and announce rule for drug possession cases is that even if it is ignored by the police the criminal consequences are the same.

So what is the point of the knock and announce rule in drug possession cases? To protect the homeowner’s property.

When the police raid a home the following are often destroyed:

When the police fail to follow the knock and announce rule and do not have a valid excuse they can be liable for the property damage.

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