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Pot Possession / Marijuana Possession- Las Vegas, Nevada. Criminal Defense Law.

Pot Possession / Marijuana Possession

Pot Possession Charges & Nevada State Law

Seeking Justice in Pot Possession / Marijuana Possession Drug Cases. Las Vegas, Nevada. The pot possession laws in Nevada are surprisingly confusing, and sometimes, unjust and inhumane. With the advent of medical pot the pot possession laws can be even more confusing.

If you or someone you know is facing possession charges related to pot (which is also known as marijuana, weed, cannabis), it is important that you understand the many loopholes and exceptions for the pot possession laws in Nevada. Our criminal defense attorneys now are offering free consultations for drug related charges.

Call our office to speak with a drug criminal defense attorney. The information is free and the knowledge can have a big impact on the outcome of your pot possession case in Nevada.

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Pot Possession Charges in Las Vegas, Nevada

Free Case Review Pot possession (also called marijuana possession, weed possession, cannabis possession) is usually charged in the state of Nevada as a misdemeanor but in some instances, pot possession can be charged as a felony.

Moreover, a simple pot possession charge can become the elevated charge possession with intent to sell pot based on a variety of circumstances.

These include:

Pot Possession Charges - Misdemeanor

In Las Vegas, Nevada most pot possession cases are charged as misdemeanors.

For pot possession to be charged as a misdemeanor the amount of the pot that was seized by the police has to be an ounce or less.

When pot is charged as a misdemeanor the consequences should be dramatically less than if the pot is charged as a felony.

Important note: Pot possession can only be charged as a misdemeanor when the pot that was seized is an ounce or less.

When the pot possession charge is a first offense and an ounce or less the penalty can be no higher than a $600.00. However, it is important to recognize that jail time can be imposed when a defendant fails to pay the fine.

When pot possession is a second offense and an ounce or less the penalty is still a misdemeanor. However for a second offense the penalty can be a fine that is as high as $1,000.00.

When pot possession is a 3rd offense but still an ounce or less, the penalty now a gross misdemeanor. And like most other gross misdemeanors in Nevada jail can be imposed up to 364 days. And the fine can also be as high as $2,000.00.

When pot possession is a 4th offense and still under an ounce, the charge will be a category E felony. As a category E felony a defendant can spend up to 4 years in jail and pay up to $5,000.00 in fines.

A good pot possession attorney can save you time and money by negotiating your case for a better outcome.

Pot Possession Charges - Felony

When pot possession is a felony it is usually because the amount of pot that was seized was substantial.

In these cases, the drug charge of trafficking may apply. It is crucial that defendants charged with felony pot possession consult a good drug defense attorney because substantial prison time may apply.

What is the Sentence for Pot Possession in Las Vegas, Nevada

As the information above shows, the penalties for pot possession in Nevada vary greatly. Among the factors that can determine the sentence in your case, the following are always important:

Drug Defense Attorney Can Help

Our criminal defense attorneys are often able to get pot possession charges dismissed. Of course, every pot possession charge is unique and there are a variety of factors that can determine the outcome of your case.

These factors usually include: criminal history, quantity of pot, circumstances of the arrest, as well as other factors.

The initial consultation is always free. Call our drug defense attorneys today to discuss your situation. Our number is 702-432-1000.

Written by Parish Heshmati, ESQ

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