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Drug Charges and Nightclub Arrests in Las Vegas, Nevada. Illegal Drug Possession Charges.

Tourism & Drug Charge Cases

Drug Charge Arrests - Las Vegas, Nevada

Illegal Drug Possession and Las Vegas Nightclubs. Drug Charges in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thanks to warm weather, beautiful casinos, great pool parties and vibrant nightlife, Las Vegas is a very popular tourist destination. In particular, events like the Electric Daisy Carnival, Life is Beautiful, sporting events, spring break and holidays draw.

As criminal defense attorneys in Las Vegas, we can't tell you the amount of calls we get from local residents and out-of-town visitors who have gotten arrested for drug charges during their stays in Las Vegas.

Often these drug charge cases are based on weak evidence and sloppy police investigation.

Free Case Review Don't be a victim of overly aggressive prosecutors. Our experienced drug defense attorneys will fight hard for your drug charge case. The most important - we do everything we can for your criminal defense to get you the best possible outcome.

Drug Arrests on Vacation in Las Vegas – Skip the Trip to Court

Many tourist arrests in Las Vegas are from drug charges.

Tourists often don’t know the Nevada Drug Charge Rules. As a result prosecutors may take advantage of Las Vegas' lifeblood.

Our criminal defense attorneys understand the financial costs of flying back to Las Vegas to fight your drug charge case.

We will do everything possible to keep you out of Court.

If we can resolve your drug charge case without you having to come back to Las Vegas, we will.

Nightclub Arrests & Drug Possession Charges

Drug charges from a Las Vegas Nightclub can have legal complexities beyond ordinary drug possession and other drug charges.

The Search and Seizure Clause of the 5th Amendment often serves as a vital shield in drug possession charges. However, this Constitutional safeguard will not apply in drug possession and other drug charge cases when a nightclub bouncer or employee finds and secures the drugs.

Other, often overlooked defenses can apply in your drug possession case.

Our criminal defense attorneys are local and know how to defend drug possession and other drug charges from a nightclub in Las Vegas.

We will do everything possible to keep you out of the courtroom in your drug possession case, even when drugs are found in a Las Vegas nightclub.

If you got arrested in Las Vegas nightclub for illegal possession of drugs, contact us as soon as it possible to discuss your case. Time is always of the essence.

We provide free consultations and offer different payment plans.

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Written by Parish Heshmati, ESQ.

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